Using cranyon backend plugin for org2blog

I use emacs, org-mode and org2blog for blogging in wordpress. For source code highlighting I want to use wordpress cranyon-plugin, but this plugin is not supported by org2blog. The following extension acts as a backend for org2blog and overrides the default behaviour.

For installation download the file and place it into your favourite lisp folder within .emacs.d directory. After that copy the following code into your init.el file.

Customize emacs leuven-theme – remove over- and underlines

Some people, including myself, don’t like the over- and underlining of headlines or sourceblocks defined by leuven-theme. Over- and underlining can be removed easyly. You only have to overwrite the matching attributes after loading the theme, this can be achieved with the set-face-attribute function.

I use use-package to load emacs packages, here is the complete code to load und customize leuven-theme